Is it right to think that something is right?

You’ve probably been in or seen someone arguing over things like: what band, music, clothing style, food or whatever “IS THE BEST”. And when they speak of this they seem to speak out of full 

sales-argumentconfidence, they wont budge, it’s almost like they are in a state to know the “absolute universal truth” about something, and they seem feel so right about it.

For me this way of thinking  works more efficiently for telling how much YOU subjectively think and/or feel about one factor compared to another. Mathematically a 2 dimensional axis.
This, I believe is a phenomena of being a subject to the western logic: Aristotelian logic. Which introduces the concepts of the ethics “right and wrong” That something either is, or it’s not.

I don’t believe this kind of linguistic and model form of “is” alone(extremism) is healthy for a mind which seeks to question one self. Because living like this can and most likely will make you to certain about elements that doesn’t have a ultimate truth.
This will make you gain ignorance I’d rather go without, when asking myself philosophical questions. The matter can always be looked at with objectively, from other angels.

Let me introduce you to a handy tool of mine: E-prime
The idea of this model is to remove all forms of the verb: To be.

I use this to reduce my certainty about an idea, to obtain more “objectivity”, which I believe makes me more receptive and less ignorant about “new” ideas.

In my opinion, uncertain objectivity is better then certain subjectivity when you want to be productive and/or meta-program yourself towards a certain goal.
(Robert Anton Wilson explaining E-prime)

Which brings us to Taoism(Daoism), they take values in the concept that: You cannot have the one without the other, Ying and Yang. You wouldn’t know what pain where and to what dagree it was painfull if you didn’t have a concept/standpoint of the good. 


So the idea is to not be to sure/subjective that it’s one way compared to the other, 

Rather: that it can be both things at the same time as non of them. A more “objective” view.

Maybe you should try some maybe logic, and then you’ll maybe achieve greater objectivity.


There are probably many ways of sending a similar message like i am doing, and a lot of ideas popped up in my head during the making of this post, but there is only so much i want and can put into the subject without going to deep on it. But I’ll go deeper into other subjects later on.


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