What kind of perfect chaos made this blog appear?

This blog is a first of all a new experiment for me, as I’ve wanted to push myself to be more “artistic” lately. And writing is not something I’ve practiced much to make my linguistics more understandable for people. So I think this will be a good new experience to learn a lot from.

Art to me isn’t just the writings in books, poems, paintings, music etc. but also something that can bring essence of ideas, emotions and stories to tell, if you are perceptive and find values in it(tune in). It is to me,essentially another way of communicating.

The one that gave me this spark of inspiration was Emilie Nicolas, with her song Melancholia. The lyrics and how everything is composed together, just drags me into a whole new world, with other perspectives, ideas and feelings. It’s music and art like this i want to expose myself to, and become better at emitting. To make imprints on others, to influence, share and not least, get feedback.

So the idea was to create this Philosophy blog, where Id share my ideas, thoughts and views. As I want to learn new things and “progress” on a daily basis with my “philosophy”

On this blog, you can expect: ideas, quotes,terms, profiles on philosophers, philosophical modells, book recommendations, science news, and others stuff. Which you will most likely see in the near future.

I’m very open for suggestions so please be so kind to share, if you have something you’d think would help me!

The blog will be updated shortly


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