Are you a robot, or a programmer?

I’m just gonna do a short one tonight, as I’m getting really tired.

How many decisions during the day do you take when being objectively aware of the outcomes of your decisions ?
Do you impulsively choose something you’re familiar and comfortable with, over an opportunity to go out and advance in relationships, exploring new things or basically do stuff you haven’t done before and challenge yourself?

Are you positive for advancement and change “I’m ok”

do you prefer retreat/staying still in comfort “I’m not ok

This is basically describing the 1st circuit from RAWs(Robert Anton Wilson) interpretation of the 8 circuit model.
This model contains a psychological and semanticists of what they thought is nature/genes/inherited  versus nurture/meta programming/environment.
The model also makes you question yourself things that wouldn’t otherwise 
occur or even think of to ask yourself, and most likely shock, over and over again.

If you’re interested in this, you should most definitely check out Prometheus Rising
his is, at the moment, my favorite book. I could even be so arrogant to say that you WILL improve your everyday life if you understand these concept and practice them to an extent.

It can be bought here, there are also some PDF files on the internet, if you want to read it on the pc or a kindle.

This was all i had to give for now, I’ll be back shortly, and I might cover this subject even further.


2 thoughts on “Are you a robot, or a programmer?”

  1. Nice, Prometheus Rising is my favourite book at the moment as well. I wrote a review on it at my blog and included a link to the pdf version if anyone wants to check it out. I encourage as many people as possible to read it because it really puts everything into perspective..

    1. I found your review really tasteful, whoever is interested in reading this book, or other “perspective inducing” books, you should check out pimpfreuds blog! Most recommended!

      If you enjoyed Prometheus and want to take it a step further, i would recommend Neuro-Semantics by Michael L. Hall. No more need to be said!

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