Weapons and tools conjured with symbols

The mystery of the human intelligence explosion 

I just found this interesting article about how the human intelligence and how we started to conquer this world with technology. Related to how versatile and deep our labels and communication have become trough developing complex linguistics. Which I think are relevant to my previous post about Labels.

Quote from the post of relevance:

 “The labeling  have helped us a lot and made us able to progress with enormous technological leaps, (Jumping Jesus phenomena) But being exposed frequently to the  same labels can make you too certain and biased by its meanings and values, making you more or less dogmatic . Tilting over to the illusion of Aristotelian logic about right’ism and wrong’ism, like I talked about in my previous post


As you might have noticed, the name of the site have changed a little bit. But still not crystal certain about what it should be.

.So I want your opinion, what do you think sounds and looks good?. If you have another suggestion, click “other”, then write in your suggestion, and your idea will magically appear as a new option  in this poll.

What i mean about “Non External” is:
I’m a entity/person who perceives both
 internal and external signals from the world, but I can only experience them non externally. In other words, what I’m feeling about something, is a subjective experience in my head alone, non external experience, entity, thinker, philosopher or whatever you want to name it.


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