The fire burns brighter than never before

The whole blogging experience so far have been very enjoyable and entertaining for me. So it seems like I’m going to continue this new ritual of mine.
This experiment I’ve conducted over the last week have made me aware of values that previously wasn’t even a reality for me. I’ve also seen signs of how I’ve become more confident about myself in how i act and proceed when writing, both articles and not.

I’ve gathered more than enough wood to keep my fire(writing) alive for a while.

I’ve decided to use more time with my drafts before post in the future, as well as I want to give myself some more time to read and be  social. So I’m probably not going to post each day like I’ve been up until now, but you can probably expect 2-5 posts pr week.

I have to thank everyone that have read my articles and given me feedback. It have helped a lot in the times where ideas swirl around my head like a chaotic storm. It helped me to create some order out of chaos.

So you’re more than welcome to leave a comment and make contact, as it would be interesting to get to know my readers and your opinions about my ideas and writing.

Be well readers!


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