Ones affection can spread to unthinkable extents.

Externals fighting to be internalized

Commercials these days can be found everywhere. They are now almost at every corner of our modern lives, both in the external physical world and inside our internal worlds.

From large flashing  lights that draw attention too a store that wants to sell you “goods”, to advertisement in magazines and all kinds of media; where contrast, color,focus and other elements that you can relate to and sense are used to win your focus over all the other elements in your head, to gain your attention, to gain your focus, then bias/influence you.
The more frequent this happens, the more familiar it becomes, more “normal/right” you feel it is.

“Your meaning-making begins most fundamentally by using some reference for how you reason, interpret, and construe the world. Ultimately all of us use our sensory experiences of seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling, and tasting as our first point of reference. To create meaning you cannot select every experience, so you first have to select some experience.”
― L. Michael HallNeuro-Semantics

We cannot perceive everything that is going on in my sensual reach at once, we therefore have to focus at a selected few at the time.
It’s here where advertisement come in, and try to be as flashy as possible, to get your spontaneous attention. They’re fighting to with all their might and power, to make your eyes spontaneously jump to something that you’re instinctively told sticks out.

Now they have your attention, it’s time to make some meaning.

“Appreciating How You Create Meaning By way of summary, you at first link and associate to reduce the amount of confusion and chaos in the world. You construct your first mappings of what things mean in this way. “What does something mean?” It depends what you or another person has connected to a thing, event, or word. How do they represent it and, given that representation, what is that linked to? “Meaning” does not have to be logical, rational, or valid in this sense. That’s why associative meaning can be so idiosyncratic and unique to a given individual and that without understanding the historical context within which the person linked up the connections, we have a difficult time understanding the person’s “logic.”
― L. Michael HallNeuro-Semantics

When we experience something new, we connect other things(relations,values, mechanisms etc.) we are aware of and perceive at that moment to the new “thing”.  We give it values, purpose and a meaning.

Affection Theory: the more frequent you think or do something, the more likely it would be to become a habit, therefore “normal”. So the more normal things become in the masses like, items, gestures, rituals or what not, the more likely are an unfamiliar entity which are to accept this new “thing” without giving it much thought. You’re more likely to be “you’re OK” if it’s more frequently or shown trust by in large doses/having a lot of similarities / normality.

Getting this out there is important for me, because advertisement isn’t only to sell you commercialized goods, but also to influence and “program” your daily lives. And as these things become more normal for people, they start to digest it without giving it thought, like previously described. This can be dangerous in large masses. Where someone can “brainwash” a whole nation to a certain belief, just by repetitively saying/exposing them, for what they want to be “right”.
Look at how large of an effect Vogue and the other top-notch fashion magazines have on our daily fashion, and how these well-known products shape what’s hip or not.

So, let me ask, to what extent do you believe any of the effects you?
To what extent do you believe you know this affect you?
Whatever conclusion you might have, don’t get to certain on it, you’re an ever-changing entity influenced by internal and external influences, so instead of using time on finding a reason to it, which is craft-able at will, use the time to become more aware of this on a daily basis, and be at guard from all these “attacks”.

Let’s take it up a notch and talk about how I believe it have affected sexuality. Since everything sex related, porn, soft porn, strip clubs etc. have become more and more legal, less filtered out, it have made us believe it’s OK/normal to have sex on a regular basis. For some it might be, but to me, sex should be considered more “holy”. Something that’s done in more special occasions with someone you have a deep and open connection with. Instead of having one night stands every weekend.
It’s not only this, but when ejaculating, chemicals are released that rewards your body, tells you it’s OK to relax, since you’ve done your job to “reproduce” yourself. These chemicals relax your body and way of functioning to such a way that you become very comfortable, therefore having it hard to let go on this, staying conservative, less open for change.

So ejaculating is a bad thing for me, some could call it a sin. As it drains my focus, concentration and makes me less productive.

But the problem isn’t  that we’re exposed to sex, and that we consider things that happens frequent as normal, even to this makes it harder, rather that we’re not questioning our own awareness and  comfort, and what it would cost us in the long run, if we let it take control.

This is only one factor which is affected by this all, just think about how much influence organisations have over you, even when you’re not aware of it.

Stop looking for answers, start to look for questions.
"It looks so delicious that I could kill for it:"

Almost every Norwegian child loves sweets, especially strawberries, but look how enthusiastic this girl looks for getting some jelly on her bread. Looks like she is ready to kill, if you ask me. 

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