We are sensual

All beings are sensual to sensations/occurrences, and it is this we make sense out of.

We would simply not be if there where no sensations or occurrences in the world.

Beings are growth, an act of positivity or “moreness” in this garden of the universe we are one with.

We are the light in the dark.
We are the something, in the nothingness

So NOW, to me, it seems only logical to accept change and growth, because it is, I would only make more problems for myself if i where not to.

So i “challenge” you all to do new stuff, don’t try to grasp what you have, rather accept what’s new  and have unconditional love for everything, and accepting it for what it is.

The more you are used the changes in our universe, the more you tune in to different aspects of it, equals: the more sensual and understanding you will become.

Don’t forget, we are IT, and IT is us.


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