Are you in the past, fututre or now?

The only place and time you’ve ever been is here and now.

As the future and past can only exist in ones mind. As HERE, is and will ways be the location of where you perceive. The eternal centered now.

Thinking thoughts and words are and can be an addiction in itself. It often leads to feeling inadequate, as the ego feels the need of increased frequency of thoughts about what one is NOT adequate with.
Either if ego takes you to the past and show you what you have not now, or to the future to show what you can have and fill you up with hope. In other words, try to lure you away from seeing what’s NOW, and what really matters.
Just like the snake in Eden luring Adam to eat of the apple he was told NOT to, tricking him into not being adequate with what he had, and the rest of paradise.

The ego is a very clever being, as it’s very sly and good to talk you over to do things that feels good now, but not in the long run. On the contrary, it is NOT intelligent. Intelligence plans for the better whole of self and the all, over time, Instead of feeding mindlessly of ones gluttony and lust to make oneself feel good for a brief moment.

So the next time your mind is telling you something, for what purpose do you want it and what is it for?
Is it your ego telling you that you’re having a bad time, therefore you have to cover it up with treats, or is it actually YOU yourself being true about your desires of what to do in this world?

It may seem like jibber jabber to many of you, but if one wants to get to know himself, and to be true, to both yourself and others. This is a important aspect one have to consider over time.


Will you take the lonely path with the ego and separate yourself from everything else in the lucifers project, or will you be good to yourself and all, for you are all.

Heaven and hell, it’s not only a concept of “after death” it is happening right now, in your mind.



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