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We are sensual

All beings are sensual to sensations/occurrences, and it is this we make sense out of.

We would simply not be if there where no sensations or occurrences in the world.

Beings are growth, an act of positivity or “moreness” in this garden of the universe we are one with.

We are the light in the dark.
We are the something, in the nothingness

So NOW, to me, it seems only logical to accept change and growth, because it is, I would only make more problems for myself if i where not to.

So i “challenge” you all to do new stuff, don’t try to grasp what you have, rather accept what’s new  and have unconditional love for everything, and accepting it for what it is.

The more you are used the changes in our universe, the more you tune in to different aspects of it, equals: the more sensual and understanding you will become.

Don’t forget, we are IT, and IT is us.


You are IT

To me it’s important that you understand that YOU are GOD
YOU are the CREATOR and the DESTROYER, the one who ACCEPTS and DENIES.
You are the one that SHAPES,LIMITS and make the RULES, and that YOU have more power than anything else in the universe, for you are the GOD of your own !

– The light is allways there, thou are the ones who close the eye on it if it’s not seen.


The all is one

Who are you? can you define yourself? if so, how do you define yourself, with what values and labels do you use? Do you keep in mind that you cannot be you, without the universe to be exactly like it is now? If you where not in this perfect order of chaos, or the now; where the conditions are exactly like they are now, this current you would never exist.
I found it impossible to post individual moves, as only the whole playlist showed up, whichever videolink i used; I intedet for you to watch the first 4-5 videos 

You did not come into this world, you came out of it. 
You’re a part of this universe, you are not in it. You’re as much nature and natural as anything else. In fact everything that CAN happen, is natural; it can happen in our nature. So the illusion of unnatural events or miracles will simply never happen, because if they do, they are not unnatural or miracles. But one can maybe look at it as minimally likely events, or whatever you desire to put meaning in that type of phenomenon
In fact, you’re a part of the universe experiencing itself, on a scale that’s relatively large or small compared to your standpoint.

This tree would be like this without it's environment, and the environment couldn't be exactly like it is without the tree - Yin and yang
This tree would be like this without it’s environment, and the environment couldn’t be exactly like it is without the tree – Yin and yang

We are all part of this symbiosis, and our actions affect it, we should start to think a little bit more on how to play with, enjoy and take care of our environment/symbiosis. For something “greater” than ourselves as individual beings with desires that so blindly aim for them that they don’t see or care about the aftereffects on the environment, symbiosis or whatever it affects.

This symbolizes the blind fight for greed, the carelessness for others, to enhance oneself and ones lust.
This symbolizes the blind fight for greed, the carelessness for others, to enhance oneself and ones lust.