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Payback is a bitch

Bitches are categorized bitches for their spite, and in my opinion spite is never good. 
Spite is a product¬†often seen when someones ego is telling them that they don’t feel OK with their situation, and that they can’t handle that someone else is having a good time or subjectively seen as “better”, a desire to hurt or annoy someone.
What i would call a negative act.

If you want a mentally “healthier”, more relaxed and friendly mind/life/osmosis/vibe, then this is an important aspect to overcome.
As evil fought with evil, will just make more evil, and the chain-reaction will go on.
And we our selves are the only ones that can change this chain-reaction by stepping in, by watching what happens and what the consequences of your actions are. What implications they will have on our human culture and planet over time.

Love to you all