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Payback is a bitch

Bitches are categorized bitches for their spite, and in my opinion spite is never good. 
Spite is a product often seen when someones ego is telling them that they don’t feel OK with their situation, and that they can’t handle that someone else is having a good time or subjectively seen as “better”, a desire to hurt or annoy someone.
What i would call a negative act.

If you want a mentally “healthier”, more relaxed and friendly mind/life/osmosis/vibe, then this is an important aspect to overcome.
As evil fought with evil, will just make more evil, and the chain-reaction will go on.
And we our selves are the only ones that can change this chain-reaction by stepping in, by watching what happens and what the consequences of your actions are. What implications they will have on our human culture and planet over time.

Love to you all


You are IT

To me it’s important that you understand that YOU are GOD
YOU are the CREATOR and the DESTROYER, the one who ACCEPTS and DENIES.
You are the one that SHAPES,LIMITS and make the RULES, and that YOU have more power than anything else in the universe, for you are the GOD of your own !

– The light is allways there, thou are the ones who close the eye on it if it’s not seen.


The all is one

Who are you? can you define yourself? if so, how do you define yourself, with what values and labels do you use? Do you keep in mind that you cannot be you, without the universe to be exactly like it is now? If you where not in this perfect order of chaos, or the now; where the conditions are exactly like they are now, this current you would never exist.
I found it impossible to post individual moves, as only the whole playlist showed up, whichever videolink i used; I intedet for you to watch the first 4-5 videos 

You did not come into this world, you came out of it. 
You’re a part of this universe, you are not in it. You’re as much nature and natural as anything else. In fact everything that CAN happen, is natural; it can happen in our nature. So the illusion of unnatural events or miracles will simply never happen, because if they do, they are not unnatural or miracles. But one can maybe look at it as minimally likely events, or whatever you desire to put meaning in that type of phenomenon
In fact, you’re a part of the universe experiencing itself, on a scale that’s relatively large or small compared to your standpoint.

This tree would be like this without it's environment, and the environment couldn't be exactly like it is without the tree - Yin and yang
This tree would be like this without it’s environment, and the environment couldn’t be exactly like it is without the tree – Yin and yang

We are all part of this symbiosis, and our actions affect it, we should start to think a little bit more on how to play with, enjoy and take care of our environment/symbiosis. For something “greater” than ourselves as individual beings with desires that so blindly aim for them that they don’t see or care about the aftereffects on the environment, symbiosis or whatever it affects.

This symbolizes the blind fight for greed, the carelessness for others, to enhance oneself and ones lust.
This symbolizes the blind fight for greed, the carelessness for others, to enhance oneself and ones lust.

How much do you trust those who keeps you warm?

Our capability of developing and understanding complex linguistics have enabled us to build human technological extensions to make our lives easier and more comfortable than never before.
Extensions in forms of  tools to create and modify almost any kind of materials we like, into whatever it can be useful for. From everything to saws that cuts down trees for shaping it into planks to build a house or whatnot, to  tools like your car that enables you to drive many times faster than you can run.

Basically using anything that makes it easier for you in any way, is only made possible because of our recognition of an objects properties and values by this degree of linguistic we’ve developed.

But it haven’t only helped us to “conquer” new territories and environments. This phenomena have also given us thousands of extensions that have enabled us to master our environments with much more “efficiency” than before. Which have given us time to  focus less on survival, and more on luxury. Where industries logistically gathers and distributes whatever food and supplies the market demands. Sounds like a good system doesn’t it?


Well you might have forgotten about an important factor, the paper notes we keep in our banks and wallets , the tickets which presumably is an indicator of how much wealth you’re worthy of. (which is a pretty insane idea in itself if you look at how much people who saves lives earns compared to en people in the entertainment industry.)
What are you going to do if they suddenly cut you of from this systems, freezes your bank account, economically exiling you ?

Most of, or all of your daily luxury and comfort will go away, and since you don’t have any security notes, you can’t pay for a place to live or food to eat.

Suddenly, it’s almost like you’ve been cut off from the comfort of your mom. As you’ve laid all your trust in this system, and let it be your parent, which have taken care of your many needs all these years.

Are you aware of what you’ve read so far ? Do you know that the Banks can and will shut you down if they see fit?. How much trust are you willing to give to such a system of notes that’s supposed to represent your wealth, which can be controlled by these so-called “bankers”?

Hasbro replacing one Monopoly token

My point here isn’t to make you believe what I’m writing to be true. Or make you miserable and scared of how “corrupt” the system might be. But rather to make you aware of things you might not be aware of, especially of elements that is in your everyday life. Then you can make your own opinion on it.
Do you really want a world with this kind of economy system? Where  there are no real rules for how much a certain person earns, because of the monopoly theory.

Question yourself and why you’re doing what you’re doing. Just don’t do because others do it, brake yourself loose from this automation and be more free and less biased by dogmas and ideas.
Be the captain of your boat.

Yes people have subjective meanings of what’s best and not, and these posts are only my subjective opinion about how you can get a more efficient and positive life. Trough making yourself more open to chaos, to more ideas, to have a larger selection of ideas of how to be more positive, productive  and whatnot you find value in.
Essentially being better at steering your boat trough whatever environment you’d like

So it’s up to you what you want to believe or not, I’m here just to tune you into what I believe is important to be aware of.

Be well, readers!

Weapons and tools conjured with symbols

The mystery of the human intelligence explosion 

I just found this interesting article about how the human intelligence and how we started to conquer this world with technology. Related to how versatile and deep our labels and communication have become trough developing complex linguistics. Which I think are relevant to my previous post about Labels.

Quote from the post of relevance:

 “The labeling  have helped us a lot and made us able to progress with enormous technological leaps, (Jumping Jesus phenomena) But being exposed frequently to the  same labels can make you too certain and biased by its meanings and values, making you more or less dogmatic . Tilting over to the illusion of Aristotelian logic about right’ism and wrong’ism, like I talked about in my previous post


As you might have noticed, the name of the site have changed a little bit. But still not crystal certain about what it should be.

.So I want your opinion, what do you think sounds and looks good?. If you have another suggestion, click “other”, then write in your suggestion, and your idea will magically appear as a new option  in this poll.

What i mean about “Non External” is:
I’m a entity/person who perceives both
 internal and external signals from the world, but I can only experience them non externally. In other words, what I’m feeling about something, is a subjective experience in my head alone, non external experience, entity, thinker, philosopher or whatever you want to name it.