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The radical and the concervative

I’ve been struggling to figure out how I want to express myself and what I’m going to write about the last couple of days. And i feel the need to address a couple of things before I can feel relief.

First of all, I’ve added an “about me” page, to clarify that I’m not an educated philosopher. Nor can I log many years of practicing self-control, objectivity or meta programming under the personal study of philosophy.

But that doesn’t mean that my ideas are less worth than a certified old philosopher. As he might and most probably are more biased/certain(limited objectivity) about more elements than me.
(I would presumably be more open to “chaos”,than him)
But rather that I’m new to this, and I would consider myself more fallible than a  philosopher with a Ph.D. when speaking off already existing models and ideas. As I’ve been exposed to these ideas over a shorter period of time, less time to build certainty/crystallise.

I began to take deep interest in philosophy about 3-5 months ago, and It have already given me a lot of new values, models and a views. Even tho I had not experienced the world directly trough this set of mind, before just recently, doesn’t mean that i can’t backtrack my memories and apply these values to observe what kind of “reality” I would observe then.

I felt it was in place to address this to relieve myself from the idea that, you might expected more of me, as I’m advertising myself as a Philosopher, which I consider myself, just not to an “educational degree”.
This is one of the elements that have held back and made me mentally crumble under a blanket. And the funny part is that i usually tend to be positive about situations like this. As I’ve gotten a new habit lately to jump into things and test them out. Instead of withdrawing and make reasons on reasons on why I shouldn’t or why it’s not good enough. 

New/positive knowledge/information can only come trough chaos, the unpredictable.
Without the ability of making order out of chaos , it wouldn’t be possible to make one out from the other.

Which brings me to today’s topic:

Positivism and negativism, chaos and order, advancement or retreat

I’ve been talking a lot about this theme before, but I don’t feel I’ve explained the matter to the detail I wanted.

As a student of meta-programming it’s really essential to be able to self observe. To point out, and see the differences between negative and positive behaviour, actions and outcomes. If it either makes you advance(dynamic) or be on a standstill (static)

You don’t get anything by having a negative attitude to new ideas/information. – I’m not ok
Goals are not fulfilled by their own, they don’t do the work for you and suddenly appear in your lap.
You have to be accepting towards new information to achieve anything new at all. – I’m ok

When I say information, I don’t only mean ideas, but EVERYTHING you perceive; from sound, vibrations, geographical location and so on. As everything new, is new information, something which you couldn’t predict (make order out of).

This seems simple enough, doesn’t it? Well it might be a little harder than you’d expect. What i just described with being accepting or ignorant is basically the outcome of Circuit 1 from the 8 circuit model <– Clickable. And it’s only one core mechanism which can and will be affected my other elements/circuits like feelings and habits.

Habits are to me, basically, rituals that are automated, to achieve a certain goal. So you don’t need to focus constantly on which decisions to take.
This is to me a very good trait in the human being, as it makes order out of chaos, makes us function.

But, habits are also products of certainty, as you might have guessed so far. So don’t put trust to much in them. If you’re looking for progress.

It’s never good with too much of either chaos, or order. To much order makes you ignorant, and to much chaos makes you disoriented. So the trick is keep a balance, by “maintaining” yourself, every now and then, or on a daily basis.

Habits that were made 1 week ago, 1 month or a year ago, might not be as productive towards reaching your current goals, as they where then. As you might have learned something new, in the meantime that can improve efficiency or the outcome, or give you new values/goals.

Don’t let yourself try to reason why you shouldn’t do things, as you will always find a good enough reason if you look for it. If you feel strong spontaneous emotions, don’t fully believe in what you’re perceiving is the right thing. Question yourself, try to behave radical, do new things more often. It can and will enrich your life, if done correctly.

So ask yourself from time to time: “Am I pessimistic about this situation? am i getting progress? or am I just making excuses to why I should stay here, in my comfort zone?

I feel I’ve left some important elements out, so I might update this post in the near future.