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The strange chaos and comforting order

Labeling is one of the more crucial factors of our technology / information leaps.It’s a system which can be used to describes mechanisms,values and properties of objects or ideas. The best part is that we’re able to easily  communicate both verbally/by sound and by text or symbols, with these labels.


This ability to label and associate words with meaning


is something that have grown over hundreds and hundreds of years, where we’ve developed from using simple/primal gestures and sounds, to more advanced ways of bending sound with our oral instruments.

The labeling  have helped us a lot and made us able to progress with enormous technological leaps, (Jumping Jesus phenomena) Which have made us able to go from stick’s and stones to more complex extensions like computational binary systems(computers) and every other invention you can think of.

But being exposed frequently to the  same labels can make you too certain and biased by its meanings and values, making you more or less dogmatic . Tilting over to the illusion of Aristotelian logic about right’ism and wrong’ism, like I talked about in my previous post

This i believe, is a product of our primal survival instincts that adapt and consider events that happens frequently as “normal”, in contrary to what we experience with a rare or very little frequent, as weird,abnormal,unusual or any what label you want to use.

234234You are more likely to get shocked from something you couldn’t anticipate and are not used to.
Just look at the different cultural social and mating rituals you have around you.
If you don’t follow the rules of what’s “anticipated” of how to behave or what labels/symbols/signals to use, when you are conversation or interacting with someone , you’re  going to be looked at as “weird” or “unusual”.
This often sets the observer in a “you’re not ok” state, which is yet another survival mechanism to not trust some-one/thing that’s not dependable.

This is also something similar to what happens when you feel your ideas are attacked, and you get into a defensive state. Where you’d ignorantly make up reasons or stick to opinions even how illogical they are. Which I  believe many of you out there have experience in recognizing. when dwelling on ones previous actions.

These are instinctual analyzes and decisions the brain makes even before we’ve gotten enough time to think over a fraction of the elements that’s in play. This is yet again a product of our pattern seeking survival abilities, to differentiate between  if there is a threat, meal or a friendly lurking behind the bushes.
(Daniel Kahneman describes this as “System 1” in his book “Thinking, Fast and Slow“)

As previously stated, this is something that the brain does automatically, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be fought.
As it is always possible to “out logic” your primal casualties and ignore the illusion your brain is trying to put you in, by observing one self and being critical to ones thought.

So I’d recommend to no be so sure about your own and others peoples labels, question yourself and your beliefs, doubt your doubt, and don’t be so sure that you KNOW. And try to use wider variety of labels, instead of the same old dogmatic ones over and over again.
The meaning of words are built up by other words and their meanings.
I believe it is  naturally for us to use labels differently from one and another, as we’re different subjects of the external and internal influences and experience and associate different ideas,feelings and values!

So I think we should exploit this, to understand each others values to a deeper extent, and be “i’m ok, you’re ok” to ideas that’ll give you cognitive dissonance. This is to achieve a wider “objectivity” and not least get a deeper understanding/connection/relation with a human being. Which is one of the most emotionally rewards I have experienced up until this date.

It’s a large world out there, go out and explore its beauties

If you’re still with me at this point, it probably means you take interest in this. And i think it’s time for you to practice these ideas into your life by yourself now. Think about labels in any circumstance it may appear, from everything to how commercial,news and magazines are built up, to sell. To what the different labels on your keyboard symbolizes to what labels you use to describe your feelings. It’s practically everywhere in this type of logic, you were just not tuned in and aware of it before.

A quick summary of my point-making .
 – Labels are efficient tools to share ideas with one and another, but don’t let the Aristotelian logic bias you too much.
– Doubt yourself and your routines.
– The brains “system 1” imprints you with decisions before you’re even get to think about it. So try to observe yourself, what values are you biased by?
– Take time to understand your environment and friends
– Don’t “awfullize” matter
– Don’t be so sure of yourself and your opinions.
– Use a wider variety of labels that describes the same principles with different values in mind, to obtain more objectivity.

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