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Endless egoism

Two brothers got 10 dollars to buy candy from their mother.  In the candyshop the oldest took advantage of his power and said the other could only get 2,5. The younger thought that this where very egoistic of him.

Isn’t that egoistic of him to think that thought aswell?  to want more than the universe unfolds to give him?

I would say so, as all ego are based on self interest. I don’t see how one can disconnect oneself with ones egoism, as every choice you make, even if you believe it is for others or only you, it’s an egoistic decision in the sense that it comes from your desires, beliefs and so on.


If you make a decision that’s against your original desire to please someone else, than that is your new desire. So as i see it, it’s impossible to NOT be egoistic

For example if you are an altruist, and offer everything you have for others, that’s your egoistic choice, that is your own desire and decision.

Yes it was egocentric of the bigger brother to take a larger cut, but it’s also egoistic of the younger to not be pleased with what is. He made a problem out of the situation that unfolded.

So we’re all basically egoistic in the end

Or not..  As we are not separate from the rest of the universe;  you are a part of, made and formed by the universe, everything that happens trough you is the universe doing, it’s thinking, it’s thinking or it things. There is never YOU and YOURSELF that’s separate from everything else that takes a decision on its own.

Because you wouldn’t know of any decisions, how to act, words or even think if there where nothing in the universe to condition you, or affect you, then you just simply wouldn’t be.


We where not born into this world, we came out of it.

Not adequate with yourself? Is there something or someone who really annoys you, that you want to get rid off? do you have some stress you want to work off?

Fear not, for the mind can be controlled and shaped, everything you experience as a reality is your only construction/hallucination of it, what you think there is, it really isn’t.

My recipe for happiness, creativity and positivism

Or rather some of my current recipe.


My ideas will only be my ideas, as you will not be able to associate and perceive them exactly the same way or order as i do/did. Therefore it’s very possible that my meanings might be very different from your meaning on a specific fact, for instance “what is a tree?”. This is only my “story” embodying my questions and answers; so they may not have the same effect on you as they have on me.

Understanding how meaning and emotions work

Everything you perceive and think is the world, is an illusion your body creates after what concepts/meanings you’ve associated with a certain thing.
How you see life, and everything around you is only how YOU perceive it, after your associations, values (meaning making) of the world.

For example when it comes to emotional feelings; in “emotional” circumstances your body reacts in a certain way, THEN your brain recognizes the specific feelings and create an emotion that is related to it. fear, love, lust, agony, happiness etc.. All these are illusions you’ve learned to feel in a specific situations and circumstances.

 You first make meaning out of something, then you experience emotion. There can be no emotion without a foundation of meaning to associate it with.

This is basically some principles from Neuro-Scemantics by Micheal L. Hall. This book is highly recommended if you’re looking for a way to efficiently reprogram yourself into something “better” ; Into something more healthy, more positive and someone who enjoys and see beauty in almost everything.

“Quality of Meaning — The Quality of Life Why is all of this about embodiment important? Because the quality of your meanings is the quality of your life. You can have no higher quality of life than the quality of your meanings. So creating rich and robust meanings is the process for how you can improve the quality of your life. I’ll add one more thing, from the Psychology of Self-Actualization. Namely this—you and I have within us a selfactualization drive. system is designed Your mind-body to actualize the messages it receives. That is the process. Now what it actualizes is whatever you commission to make real in your mindbody.” ― L. Michael HallNeuro-Semantics

The more you repeat a meaning, the more real it will seem to you.

We create habits; the more frequent something is experienced, the more normal it seems, the more of a habit it might become.

The same thing goes for meaning making,  as it’s here “everything” you call reality starts. These are the roots of who you are, how you feel and what you experience.  And the most wonderful thing is that you’re able to control these meanings to some extent, and can train yourself to become better at it.

So the more often you put meaning into something “Kiwi’s tastes awful” , “that building is tall” “she looks like a slut” the more likely you are to believe this in your oncoming life and stick to these dogmas/ideas to be the truth of the world. Conservatism.

Don’t take everything so damn serious, play with it, be free

If you have a problem, the problem is never external, it’s always internal. Yes there can be external elements that activates your problems or frustrations, but in the end the problems lie in how you put meaning into it, how you see things, how you believe the world should be.

So to reduce the sensation of inner problems, you must remove your desires, your problems arise mostly because you’re not adequate with what is, or that one have a desire that something should be different.


What i tend to do is if i catch myself in putting meaning into something negative, for instance when my friend asks me to go out for a walk and i start to think of why not. I stop myself of making that meaning. As I want to program it out of myself as a habit to be conservative.
It’s similar to the “yes man” principle, just with my neuro-semantic and dao influenced philosophy with it. Where I allow myself to put reason to things, but only reason that does me good. And not reason won’t benefit me or others in the long run, for something better.

My way of Dao/Tao

I find a lot of comfort in my way of dao, it gives me a larger perspective on things, and allows me to not be so serious about myself, make me see that everything is just a game, and there is a lot of different ways to play it.

Daoism is based on the holistic view: that a tree isn’t just a tree, and it couldn’t be if you just had a tree by itself. To have a tree you need to have a symbiosis between elements in the perfect conditions to make this tree. For instance if Andromeda(the galaxy) didn’t exist, who knows how the conditions would be on earth right now, if there where an earth at all? Everything can be seen as one, as everything is exactly what it’s like, because everything else where as well. If it where different, this present wouldn’t be like this – Butterfly effect.

So cutting down a tree or a forest isn’t just cutting down a tree or a forest, holistically it affects our symbiosis, our environment and the oncoming symbiosis, which can impact the world in so many ways.
Therefore; Yin and yang, you cannot have the one without the other.

Daoism is also about cherishing what’s now, how you can make the best out of and enjoy/be adequate with what is now. Rather than living in your past, of the greed or need of old feelings, or in the future, as you’re not ok with what is.

These principles are a great reminder for me to not be so serious about things, as my internal problems aren’t of any great importance compared to the holistic ones.

Focus on the now

Focusing on the now is the most effective thought process I’ve experienced so far, and it will most probably get stronger as my knowledge grows. I believe the reason of this is that you give yourself the time to focus on the problems that are now, so that you can allow yourself to more effectively  solve “problems” without distracting thoughts about the past or future.

Cherish what’s now, if you need to make future plans to progress towards your goals, then so be it, just don’t focus on problems, or anything that will negatively affect you, in the now, or over time.

Not adequate with yourself or the answers you get? – change the question, change your view of the world.

Life is a playground, play with it, you’re the only one to limit yourself. 

We where not born into this world, we came out of it.

Creativity comes from being as open-minded and positive as possible, to not get boxed in and limited by ideas of how things and the world “should be like”.

Externals fighting to be internalized

Commercials these days can be found everywhere. They are now almost at every corner of our modern lives, both in the external physical world and inside our internal worlds.

From large flashing  lights that draw attention too a store that wants to sell you “goods”, to advertisement in magazines and all kinds of media; where contrast, color,focus and other elements that you can relate to and sense are used to win your focus over all the other elements in your head, to gain your attention, to gain your focus, then bias/influence you.
The more frequent this happens, the more familiar it becomes, more “normal/right” you feel it is.

“Your meaning-making begins most fundamentally by using some reference for how you reason, interpret, and construe the world. Ultimately all of us use our sensory experiences of seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling, and tasting as our first point of reference. To create meaning you cannot select every experience, so you first have to select some experience.”
― L. Michael HallNeuro-Semantics

We cannot perceive everything that is going on in my sensual reach at once, we therefore have to focus at a selected few at the time.
It’s here where advertisement come in, and try to be as flashy as possible, to get your spontaneous attention. They’re fighting to with all their might and power, to make your eyes spontaneously jump to something that you’re instinctively told sticks out.

Now they have your attention, it’s time to make some meaning.

“Appreciating How You Create Meaning By way of summary, you at first link and associate to reduce the amount of confusion and chaos in the world. You construct your first mappings of what things mean in this way. “What does something mean?” It depends what you or another person has connected to a thing, event, or word. How do they represent it and, given that representation, what is that linked to? “Meaning” does not have to be logical, rational, or valid in this sense. That’s why associative meaning can be so idiosyncratic and unique to a given individual and that without understanding the historical context within which the person linked up the connections, we have a difficult time understanding the person’s “logic.”
― L. Michael HallNeuro-Semantics

When we experience something new, we connect other things(relations,values, mechanisms etc.) we are aware of and perceive at that moment to the new “thing”.  We give it values, purpose and a meaning.

Affection Theory: the more frequent you think or do something, the more likely it would be to become a habit, therefore “normal”. So the more normal things become in the masses like, items, gestures, rituals or what not, the more likely are an unfamiliar entity which are to accept this new “thing” without giving it much thought. You’re more likely to be “you’re OK” if it’s more frequently or shown trust by in large doses/having a lot of similarities / normality.

Getting this out there is important for me, because advertisement isn’t only to sell you commercialized goods, but also to influence and “program” your daily lives. And as these things become more normal for people, they start to digest it without giving it thought, like previously described. This can be dangerous in large masses. Where someone can “brainwash” a whole nation to a certain belief, just by repetitively saying/exposing them, for what they want to be “right”.
Look at how large of an effect Vogue and the other top-notch fashion magazines have on our daily fashion, and how these well-known products shape what’s hip or not.

So, let me ask, to what extent do you believe any of the effects you?
To what extent do you believe you know this affect you?
Whatever conclusion you might have, don’t get to certain on it, you’re an ever-changing entity influenced by internal and external influences, so instead of using time on finding a reason to it, which is craft-able at will, use the time to become more aware of this on a daily basis, and be at guard from all these “attacks”.

Let’s take it up a notch and talk about how I believe it have affected sexuality. Since everything sex related, porn, soft porn, strip clubs etc. have become more and more legal, less filtered out, it have made us believe it’s OK/normal to have sex on a regular basis. For some it might be, but to me, sex should be considered more “holy”. Something that’s done in more special occasions with someone you have a deep and open connection with. Instead of having one night stands every weekend.
It’s not only this, but when ejaculating, chemicals are released that rewards your body, tells you it’s OK to relax, since you’ve done your job to “reproduce” yourself. These chemicals relax your body and way of functioning to such a way that you become very comfortable, therefore having it hard to let go on this, staying conservative, less open for change.

So ejaculating is a bad thing for me, some could call it a sin. As it drains my focus, concentration and makes me less productive.

But the problem isn’t  that we’re exposed to sex, and that we consider things that happens frequent as normal, even to this makes it harder, rather that we’re not questioning our own awareness and  comfort, and what it would cost us in the long run, if we let it take control.

This is only one factor which is affected by this all, just think about how much influence organisations have over you, even when you’re not aware of it.

Stop looking for answers, start to look for questions.
"It looks so delicious that I could kill for it:"

Almost every Norwegian child loves sweets, especially strawberries, but look how enthusiastic this girl looks for getting some jelly on her bread. Looks like she is ready to kill, if you ask me. 

The meaning maker

Lately my mind have had a lot of new obstacles and personal matters to deal with, and it kinda knocked me off this blog-wagon, for a while.

I’m not quite sure yet of how much you will see from me on this blog in the near future. As I want to give myself the time i need, to sort out my internal problems, and get a little bit more structured again. So that I can be more efficient, and oriented when writing/thinking.

BUT, I won’t let this site die, this is just something temporarily that popped up, that I feel is of importance to deal with, for my well being!
Who knows, I might write about em in the oncoming days.

But my mind is very little structured at the moment, or at least that’s how i feel ATM, and I don’t feel I’ve a matter I want/are able  to share my ideas on today, so I’m just going share this little outtake from the book NeuroSemantic by Micheal L. Hall which I am currently reading.

The Human Adventure

“Nothing means anything on its own. Meaning comes not from seeing or even observation alone, for there is no ‘alone’ in this sort. Neither is meaning lying around in nature waiting to be scooped up by the senses; rather it is constructed. ‘Constructed’ in this context means produced in acts of interpretation.” Humberto R. Maturana “What an organism does is organize, and what a human organism organizes is meaning. It is not that a person makes meaning as much as that the activity of being a person is the activity of meaning-making. There is thus no feeling, no experience, no thought, no perception, independent of a meaning-making context in which it becomes a feeling, an experience, a thought, a perception, because we are the meaning-making context.”

– L. Michael HallNeuro-Semantics

The radical and the concervative

I’ve been struggling to figure out how I want to express myself and what I’m going to write about the last couple of days. And i feel the need to address a couple of things before I can feel relief.

First of all, I’ve added an “about me” page, to clarify that I’m not an educated philosopher. Nor can I log many years of practicing self-control, objectivity or meta programming under the personal study of philosophy.

But that doesn’t mean that my ideas are less worth than a certified old philosopher. As he might and most probably are more biased/certain(limited objectivity) about more elements than me.
(I would presumably be more open to “chaos”,than him)
But rather that I’m new to this, and I would consider myself more fallible than a  philosopher with a Ph.D. when speaking off already existing models and ideas. As I’ve been exposed to these ideas over a shorter period of time, less time to build certainty/crystallise.

I began to take deep interest in philosophy about 3-5 months ago, and It have already given me a lot of new values, models and a views. Even tho I had not experienced the world directly trough this set of mind, before just recently, doesn’t mean that i can’t backtrack my memories and apply these values to observe what kind of “reality” I would observe then.

I felt it was in place to address this to relieve myself from the idea that, you might expected more of me, as I’m advertising myself as a Philosopher, which I consider myself, just not to an “educational degree”.
This is one of the elements that have held back and made me mentally crumble under a blanket. And the funny part is that i usually tend to be positive about situations like this. As I’ve gotten a new habit lately to jump into things and test them out. Instead of withdrawing and make reasons on reasons on why I shouldn’t or why it’s not good enough. 

New/positive knowledge/information can only come trough chaos, the unpredictable.
Without the ability of making order out of chaos , it wouldn’t be possible to make one out from the other.

Which brings me to today’s topic:

Positivism and negativism, chaos and order, advancement or retreat

I’ve been talking a lot about this theme before, but I don’t feel I’ve explained the matter to the detail I wanted.

As a student of meta-programming it’s really essential to be able to self observe. To point out, and see the differences between negative and positive behaviour, actions and outcomes. If it either makes you advance(dynamic) or be on a standstill (static)

You don’t get anything by having a negative attitude to new ideas/information. – I’m not ok
Goals are not fulfilled by their own, they don’t do the work for you and suddenly appear in your lap.
You have to be accepting towards new information to achieve anything new at all. – I’m ok

When I say information, I don’t only mean ideas, but EVERYTHING you perceive; from sound, vibrations, geographical location and so on. As everything new, is new information, something which you couldn’t predict (make order out of).

This seems simple enough, doesn’t it? Well it might be a little harder than you’d expect. What i just described with being accepting or ignorant is basically the outcome of Circuit 1 from the 8 circuit model <– Clickable. And it’s only one core mechanism which can and will be affected my other elements/circuits like feelings and habits.

Habits are to me, basically, rituals that are automated, to achieve a certain goal. So you don’t need to focus constantly on which decisions to take.
This is to me a very good trait in the human being, as it makes order out of chaos, makes us function.

But, habits are also products of certainty, as you might have guessed so far. So don’t put trust to much in them. If you’re looking for progress.

It’s never good with too much of either chaos, or order. To much order makes you ignorant, and to much chaos makes you disoriented. So the trick is keep a balance, by “maintaining” yourself, every now and then, or on a daily basis.

Habits that were made 1 week ago, 1 month or a year ago, might not be as productive towards reaching your current goals, as they where then. As you might have learned something new, in the meantime that can improve efficiency or the outcome, or give you new values/goals.

Don’t let yourself try to reason why you shouldn’t do things, as you will always find a good enough reason if you look for it. If you feel strong spontaneous emotions, don’t fully believe in what you’re perceiving is the right thing. Question yourself, try to behave radical, do new things more often. It can and will enrich your life, if done correctly.

So ask yourself from time to time: “Am I pessimistic about this situation? am i getting progress? or am I just making excuses to why I should stay here, in my comfort zone?

I feel I’ve left some important elements out, so I might update this post in the near future.

The fire burns brighter than never before

The whole blogging experience so far have been very enjoyable and entertaining for me. So it seems like I’m going to continue this new ritual of mine.
This experiment I’ve conducted over the last week have made me aware of values that previously wasn’t even a reality for me. I’ve also seen signs of how I’ve become more confident about myself in how i act and proceed when writing, both articles and not.

I’ve gathered more than enough wood to keep my fire(writing) alive for a while.

I’ve decided to use more time with my drafts before post in the future, as well as I want to give myself some more time to read and be  social. So I’m probably not going to post each day like I’ve been up until now, but you can probably expect 2-5 posts pr week.

I have to thank everyone that have read my articles and given me feedback. It have helped a lot in the times where ideas swirl around my head like a chaotic storm. It helped me to create some order out of chaos.

So you’re more than welcome to leave a comment and make contact, as it would be interesting to get to know my readers and your opinions about my ideas and writing.

Be well readers!

How much do you trust those who keeps you warm?

Our capability of developing and understanding complex linguistics have enabled us to build human technological extensions to make our lives easier and more comfortable than never before.
Extensions in forms of  tools to create and modify almost any kind of materials we like, into whatever it can be useful for. From everything to saws that cuts down trees for shaping it into planks to build a house or whatnot, to  tools like your car that enables you to drive many times faster than you can run.

Basically using anything that makes it easier for you in any way, is only made possible because of our recognition of an objects properties and values by this degree of linguistic we’ve developed.

But it haven’t only helped us to “conquer” new territories and environments. This phenomena have also given us thousands of extensions that have enabled us to master our environments with much more “efficiency” than before. Which have given us time to  focus less on survival, and more on luxury. Where industries logistically gathers and distributes whatever food and supplies the market demands. Sounds like a good system doesn’t it?


Well you might have forgotten about an important factor, the paper notes we keep in our banks and wallets , the tickets which presumably is an indicator of how much wealth you’re worthy of. (which is a pretty insane idea in itself if you look at how much people who saves lives earns compared to en people in the entertainment industry.)
What are you going to do if they suddenly cut you of from this systems, freezes your bank account, economically exiling you ?

Most of, or all of your daily luxury and comfort will go away, and since you don’t have any security notes, you can’t pay for a place to live or food to eat.

Suddenly, it’s almost like you’ve been cut off from the comfort of your mom. As you’ve laid all your trust in this system, and let it be your parent, which have taken care of your many needs all these years.

Are you aware of what you’ve read so far ? Do you know that the Banks can and will shut you down if they see fit?. How much trust are you willing to give to such a system of notes that’s supposed to represent your wealth, which can be controlled by these so-called “bankers”?

Hasbro replacing one Monopoly token

My point here isn’t to make you believe what I’m writing to be true. Or make you miserable and scared of how “corrupt” the system might be. But rather to make you aware of things you might not be aware of, especially of elements that is in your everyday life. Then you can make your own opinion on it.
Do you really want a world with this kind of economy system? Where  there are no real rules for how much a certain person earns, because of the monopoly theory.

Question yourself and why you’re doing what you’re doing. Just don’t do because others do it, brake yourself loose from this automation and be more free and less biased by dogmas and ideas.
Be the captain of your boat.

Yes people have subjective meanings of what’s best and not, and these posts are only my subjective opinion about how you can get a more efficient and positive life. Trough making yourself more open to chaos, to more ideas, to have a larger selection of ideas of how to be more positive, productive  and whatnot you find value in.
Essentially being better at steering your boat trough whatever environment you’d like

So it’s up to you what you want to believe or not, I’m here just to tune you into what I believe is important to be aware of.

Be well, readers!

Weapons and tools conjured with symbols

The mystery of the human intelligence explosion 

I just found this interesting article about how the human intelligence and how we started to conquer this world with technology. Related to how versatile and deep our labels and communication have become trough developing complex linguistics. Which I think are relevant to my previous post about Labels.

Quote from the post of relevance:

 “The labeling  have helped us a lot and made us able to progress with enormous technological leaps, (Jumping Jesus phenomena) But being exposed frequently to the  same labels can make you too certain and biased by its meanings and values, making you more or less dogmatic . Tilting over to the illusion of Aristotelian logic about right’ism and wrong’ism, like I talked about in my previous post


As you might have noticed, the name of the site have changed a little bit. But still not crystal certain about what it should be.

.So I want your opinion, what do you think sounds and looks good?. If you have another suggestion, click “other”, then write in your suggestion, and your idea will magically appear as a new option  in this poll.

What i mean about “Non External” is:
I’m a entity/person who perceives both
 internal and external signals from the world, but I can only experience them non externally. In other words, what I’m feeling about something, is a subjective experience in my head alone, non external experience, entity, thinker, philosopher or whatever you want to name it.

The strange chaos and comforting order

Labeling is one of the more crucial factors of our technology / information leaps.It’s a system which can be used to describes mechanisms,values and properties of objects or ideas. The best part is that we’re able to easily  communicate both verbally/by sound and by text or symbols, with these labels.


This ability to label and associate words with meaning


is something that have grown over hundreds and hundreds of years, where we’ve developed from using simple/primal gestures and sounds, to more advanced ways of bending sound with our oral instruments.

The labeling  have helped us a lot and made us able to progress with enormous technological leaps, (Jumping Jesus phenomena) Which have made us able to go from stick’s and stones to more complex extensions like computational binary systems(computers) and every other invention you can think of.

But being exposed frequently to the  same labels can make you too certain and biased by its meanings and values, making you more or less dogmatic . Tilting over to the illusion of Aristotelian logic about right’ism and wrong’ism, like I talked about in my previous post

This i believe, is a product of our primal survival instincts that adapt and consider events that happens frequently as “normal”, in contrary to what we experience with a rare or very little frequent, as weird,abnormal,unusual or any what label you want to use.

234234You are more likely to get shocked from something you couldn’t anticipate and are not used to.
Just look at the different cultural social and mating rituals you have around you.
If you don’t follow the rules of what’s “anticipated” of how to behave or what labels/symbols/signals to use, when you are conversation or interacting with someone , you’re  going to be looked at as “weird” or “unusual”.
This often sets the observer in a “you’re not ok” state, which is yet another survival mechanism to not trust some-one/thing that’s not dependable.

This is also something similar to what happens when you feel your ideas are attacked, and you get into a defensive state. Where you’d ignorantly make up reasons or stick to opinions even how illogical they are. Which I  believe many of you out there have experience in recognizing. when dwelling on ones previous actions.

These are instinctual analyzes and decisions the brain makes even before we’ve gotten enough time to think over a fraction of the elements that’s in play. This is yet again a product of our pattern seeking survival abilities, to differentiate between  if there is a threat, meal or a friendly lurking behind the bushes.
(Daniel Kahneman describes this as “System 1” in his book “Thinking, Fast and Slow“)

As previously stated, this is something that the brain does automatically, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be fought.
As it is always possible to “out logic” your primal casualties and ignore the illusion your brain is trying to put you in, by observing one self and being critical to ones thought.

So I’d recommend to no be so sure about your own and others peoples labels, question yourself and your beliefs, doubt your doubt, and don’t be so sure that you KNOW. And try to use wider variety of labels, instead of the same old dogmatic ones over and over again.
The meaning of words are built up by other words and their meanings.
I believe it is  naturally for us to use labels differently from one and another, as we’re different subjects of the external and internal influences and experience and associate different ideas,feelings and values!

So I think we should exploit this, to understand each others values to a deeper extent, and be “i’m ok, you’re ok” to ideas that’ll give you cognitive dissonance. This is to achieve a wider “objectivity” and not least get a deeper understanding/connection/relation with a human being. Which is one of the most emotionally rewards I have experienced up until this date.

It’s a large world out there, go out and explore its beauties

If you’re still with me at this point, it probably means you take interest in this. And i think it’s time for you to practice these ideas into your life by yourself now. Think about labels in any circumstance it may appear, from everything to how commercial,news and magazines are built up, to sell. To what the different labels on your keyboard symbolizes to what labels you use to describe your feelings. It’s practically everywhere in this type of logic, you were just not tuned in and aware of it before.

A quick summary of my point-making .
 – Labels are efficient tools to share ideas with one and another, but don’t let the Aristotelian logic bias you too much.
– Doubt yourself and your routines.
– The brains “system 1” imprints you with decisions before you’re even get to think about it. So try to observe yourself, what values are you biased by?
– Take time to understand your environment and friends
– Don’t “awfullize” matter
– Don’t be so sure of yourself and your opinions.
– Use a wider variety of labels that describes the same principles with different values in mind, to obtain more objectivity.

It’s been real fun for me to work with this blog up until now
but I don’t know if this actually reaches people to the extent I want, or at all. So it would be really appreciable if you took a minute to fill out this poll.
(Multiple choices is enabled and intended to be used)

Are you a robot, or a programmer?

I’m just gonna do a short one tonight, as I’m getting really tired.

How many decisions during the day do you take when being objectively aware of the outcomes of your decisions ?
Do you impulsively choose something you’re familiar and comfortable with, over an opportunity to go out and advance in relationships, exploring new things or basically do stuff you haven’t done before and challenge yourself?

Are you positive for advancement and change “I’m ok”

do you prefer retreat/staying still in comfort “I’m not ok

This is basically describing the 1st circuit from RAWs(Robert Anton Wilson) interpretation of the 8 circuit model.
This model contains a psychological and semanticists of what they thought is nature/genes/inherited  versus nurture/meta programming/environment.
The model also makes you question yourself things that wouldn’t otherwise 
occur or even think of to ask yourself, and most likely shock, over and over again.

If you’re interested in this, you should most definitely check out Prometheus Rising
his is, at the moment, my favorite book. I could even be so arrogant to say that you WILL improve your everyday life if you understand these concept and practice them to an extent.

It can be bought here, there are also some PDF files on the internet, if you want to read it on the pc or a kindle.

This was all i had to give for now, I’ll be back shortly, and I might cover this subject even further.