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We where not born into this world, we came out of it.

Not adequate with yourself? Is there something or someone who really annoys you, that you want to get rid off? do you have some stress you want to work off?

Fear not, for the mind can be controlled and shaped, everything you experience as a reality is your only construction/hallucination of it, what you think there is, it really isn’t.

My recipe for happiness, creativity and positivism

Or rather some of my current recipe.


My ideas will only be my ideas, as you will not be able to associate and perceive them exactly the same way or order as i do/did. Therefore it’s very possible that my meanings might be very different from your meaning on a specific fact, for instance “what is a tree?”. This is only my “story” embodying my questions and answers; so they may not have the same effect on you as they have on me.

Understanding how meaning and emotions work

Everything you perceive and think is the world, is an illusion your body creates after what concepts/meanings you’ve associated with a certain thing.
How you see life, and everything around you is only how YOU perceive it, after your associations, values (meaning making) of the world.

For example when it comes to emotional feelings; in “emotional” circumstances your body reacts in a certain way, THEN your brain recognizes the specific feelings and create an emotion that is related to it. fear, love, lust, agony, happiness etc.. All these are illusions you’ve learned to feel in a specific situations and circumstances.

 You first make meaning out of something, then you experience emotion. There can be no emotion without a foundation of meaning to associate it with.

This is basically some principles from Neuro-Scemantics by Micheal L. Hall. This book is highly recommended if you’re looking for a way to efficiently reprogram yourself into something “better” ; Into something more healthy, more positive and someone who enjoys and see beauty in almost everything.

“Quality of Meaning — The Quality of Life Why is all of this about embodiment important? Because the quality of your meanings is the quality of your life. You can have no higher quality of life than the quality of your meanings. So creating rich and robust meanings is the process for how you can improve the quality of your life. I’ll add one more thing, from the Psychology of Self-Actualization. Namely this—you and I have within us a selfactualization drive. system is designed Your mind-body to actualize the messages it receives. That is the process. Now what it actualizes is whatever you commission to make real in your mindbody.” ― L. Michael HallNeuro-Semantics

The more you repeat a meaning, the more real it will seem to you.

We create habits; the more frequent something is experienced, the more normal it seems, the more of a habit it might become.

The same thing goes for meaning making,  as it’s here “everything” you call reality starts. These are the roots of who you are, how you feel and what you experience.  And the most wonderful thing is that you’re able to control these meanings to some extent, and can train yourself to become better at it.

So the more often you put meaning into something “Kiwi’s tastes awful” , “that building is tall” “she looks like a slut” the more likely you are to believe this in your oncoming life and stick to these dogmas/ideas to be the truth of the world. Conservatism.

Don’t take everything so damn serious, play with it, be free

If you have a problem, the problem is never external, it’s always internal. Yes there can be external elements that activates your problems or frustrations, but in the end the problems lie in how you put meaning into it, how you see things, how you believe the world should be.

So to reduce the sensation of inner problems, you must remove your desires, your problems arise mostly because you’re not adequate with what is, or that one have a desire that something should be different.


What i tend to do is if i catch myself in putting meaning into something negative, for instance when my friend asks me to go out for a walk and i start to think of why not. I stop myself of making that meaning. As I want to program it out of myself as a habit to be conservative.
It’s similar to the “yes man” principle, just with my neuro-semantic and dao influenced philosophy with it. Where I allow myself to put reason to things, but only reason that does me good. And not reason won’t benefit me or others in the long run, for something better.

My way of Dao/Tao

I find a lot of comfort in my way of dao, it gives me a larger perspective on things, and allows me to not be so serious about myself, make me see that everything is just a game, and there is a lot of different ways to play it.

Daoism is based on the holistic view: that a tree isn’t just a tree, and it couldn’t be if you just had a tree by itself. To have a tree you need to have a symbiosis between elements in the perfect conditions to make this tree. For instance if Andromeda(the galaxy) didn’t exist, who knows how the conditions would be on earth right now, if there where an earth at all? Everything can be seen as one, as everything is exactly what it’s like, because everything else where as well. If it where different, this present wouldn’t be like this – Butterfly effect.

So cutting down a tree or a forest isn’t just cutting down a tree or a forest, holistically it affects our symbiosis, our environment and the oncoming symbiosis, which can impact the world in so many ways.
Therefore; Yin and yang, you cannot have the one without the other.

Daoism is also about cherishing what’s now, how you can make the best out of and enjoy/be adequate with what is now. Rather than living in your past, of the greed or need of old feelings, or in the future, as you’re not ok with what is.

These principles are a great reminder for me to not be so serious about things, as my internal problems aren’t of any great importance compared to the holistic ones.

Focus on the now

Focusing on the now is the most effective thought process I’ve experienced so far, and it will most probably get stronger as my knowledge grows. I believe the reason of this is that you give yourself the time to focus on the problems that are now, so that you can allow yourself to more effectively  solve “problems” without distracting thoughts about the past or future.

Cherish what’s now, if you need to make future plans to progress towards your goals, then so be it, just don’t focus on problems, or anything that will negatively affect you, in the now, or over time.

Not adequate with yourself or the answers you get? – change the question, change your view of the world.

Life is a playground, play with it, you’re the only one to limit yourself. 

We where not born into this world, we came out of it.

Creativity comes from being as open-minded and positive as possible, to not get boxed in and limited by ideas of how things and the world “should be like”.